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FlexiStop doesn’t just keep rain out – it positively hates it.  It repels water.  It pushes it away.

It is a force field against water, never allowing it a chance to settle, perhaps to freeze, to freeze and form ice in hairline cracks, ice that expands, and the cracks become gaps, and the gaps let the rain in. And your wallet falls apart.

See from the video below what FlexiStop does to rainwater…

It is a shield against water and damp, it is a shield that keeps wallets and purses intact.

For 35 years.

You can get FlexiStop exclusively from MSP Coatings.  There is nothing else quite like it.

So do the right thing.  Protect your roof, any kind of roof, with FlexiStop.

And your wallet will be singing in the rain.


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